Company Introduction


Eckhart Corporation was founded in 1989 to establish worldwide distribution for supplements manufactured in the United States. Eckhart’s products are manufactured at Tishcon’s plants. These manufacturing facilities are located in New York, Maryland and at several other sites around the country.


These plants manufacture vitamins and health food supplements for the U.S. Department of Defense, The US Veterans Administration, pharmaceutical companies, large drug chain stores, supermarket chains, health food stores, direct marketing companies, and mail order houses. Products have been developed and supplied to Harvard Medical School, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (University of London), US Department of Agriculture etc.


Manufacturing Capabilities


A 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Salisbury, Maryland produces Tablets, Capsules, and Powders. Customized retail packaging is also provided at this plant.

A second plant in Westbury, New York produces Softgels (soft gelatin capsules).

The manufacturing plants employ over 350 people, including 38 professional Chemists, Engineers, and Pharmacists. These professionals are experienced in production, quality control, quality assurance, and providing technical services to our customers.

Three well-equipped, in-house laboratories perform Analytical and microbiological testing.

The manufacturing and testing equipment includes:

Tablet Presses-55, Two-piece Capsulation Machines-7, Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machines-10, Ribbon Blenders-5, P.K. Blenders-2, Fluid Bed Dryer, Tray Oven Dryer, Milling Machines-3, Accela Cota Type Coating Pans-2, Conventional Coating Pans-15, Bottle Filling Lines-10, Bottle Blistering Machines-2, High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Infra Red Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Fluorometer, Stability Chamber, Friabilator, Tablet Hardness Testers, USP Dissolution Apparatus I and II, Timed-Release Pattern Apparatus, USP Disintegration Testers, Nitrogen Determination Apparatus, Micro Processor Controlled Autoclave, Incubator, Laminar Flow Hood, Vacuum Ovens, Karl Fisher Apparatus, pH Meters, Polarimeter, Refractometer, and Gas Chromatograph.

The installed capacity for each dose form is:

  • Tablets: 15 million per day

  • Soft Gelatin Capsules: 3 million per day

  • Two-piece Capsules: 500,000 per day

  • Bottle Packaging: 100,000 per day

  • Powder: 10 tons per day

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